The California Shirt
The California Shirt
The California Shirt
The California Shirt
The California Shirt
The California Shirt
The California Shirt
The California Shirt

The California Shirt

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Gingham Long associated with scooter-cruising Mods and before them, fellow Kansan, Dorothy Gale, gingham has reemerged in recent years as a staple of men’s shirting. Prior to this, in 2008, I wore a navy gingham shirt to a wedding. A groomsman told me I looked like a picnic table. By the time we were dancing, he had the crowd chanting, “Go, Picnic Table, Go, Picnic Table, Go!”

Durable In 2010, a shirt sat atop my mother’s clothing donation pile. Examining it, I recognized it as one I had spent the last year selling. With signatures like double-track stitching on the collar, a chalk button, a box pleat, a trim fit, and a “Made in U.S.A” label. In 1989, after moving our family to a new city to start a new job, my father had this shirt made, a rare move for a man who never buys anything for himself. While flipping through my high school yearbooks not too long ago, I discovered I had worn this shirt, his hand-me-down on my first day of high school. My brother wore it after me, and after rescuing it from the donation pile, I have continued wearing it to this day. I hope my shirts last you and your family a quarter-century or more.

Seasons of Love How do you measure a year? In 2016, I moved from Chicago to Los Angeles. Upon arriving, I mentioned to a friend that my wardrobe was too heavy, and he replied, pointing to the linen shirt I was wearing, “you’re going to need more of these.” I designed this with two flap pockets to keep my phone from falling out of my breast pocket, and to stash my favorite pair of wayfarers or an ice-cold stubbie of Coors Banquet Beer.

For more, see The California Shirt featured in Esquire.


All Shirts Are Trim Fit

XS - 14x30
Shoulder-to-Shoulder - 16.75
Pit-to-Pit - 19
Sleeve Length - 24
Body Length - 29

S – 14.5x32
Shoulder-to-Shoulder - 17.5
Pit-to-Pit - 21
Sleeve Length - 25.5
Body Length - 30

M – 15x34
Shoulder-to-Shoulder - 18.5
Pit-to-Pit - 23
Sleeve Length - 25.5
Body Length - 31

L – 16x35
Shoulder-to-Shoulder - 19.5
Pit-to-Pit - 24.5
Sleeve Length - 26
Body Length - 31.5

XL – 17x36
Shoulder-to-Shoulder - 20.5
Pit-to-Pit - 26.5
Sleeve Length - 26.75
Body Length - 32.5

Sizes XXS, XXL available upon request. Contact for more.