Worldwide Pants T-Shirt

Worldwide Pants T-Shirt

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I don't live here anymore. So, I'm a little confused. When Faye Dunaway says, 'This town has heart,' is she taking about Hollywood, or is she talking about Pasadena? - David Letterman

Worldwide Pants, David Letterman's production company made these collegiate-style ahem, letterman shirts alongside jackets and ball caps for members of its staff.

As a fan of Dave's brand, his style of entertainment which produced television programs like Ed and Everybody Loves Raymond as well as docuseries and films like Foo Fighters Sonic Highways and The Fundamentals of Caring, I've collected paraphernalia from Worldwide Pants employees for years. 

This t-shirt is a great example of the kinds of gear Letterman's team would produce. 

Constructed of classic navy, this 6.1oz 100% preshrunk cotton t-shirt was made in Mexico by Champion. Featuring a chest graphic with the word "PANTS" set in all-caps, collegiate letters in an arched formation. The shirt is in excellent condition. The screen print has begun to crack throughout. 


Label reads: Champion Authentic Athletic Apparel, Vétement Athletique Authentique; 100% Cotton; Made in Mexico; Size M

Pit-to-Pit: 21"

Collar-to-hem: 24"

Neck-to-sleeve-cuff: 24"

Sleeve-to-shirt-setting: 7"

Sleeve opening: 7.5"